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UESAKA barbell company

IWF, IPF, World Para Powerlifting official recognition


UESAKA's weight lifting products since the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 have been adopted for the Olympic Games in total six times.
One of the world's official recognition, competitive equipment is evaluated as having superior quality in the world by high quality material and precise processing, goods corresponding to the level from precision-oriented competition to fitness use We are preparing.

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We started "paypal" at UESAKA online shop.
In the UESAKA online shop, there are items such as goods with UESAKA logo, others can not be purchased.



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Hello Kitty

NEW Hello Kitty goods

towel, mug



mesh CAP

Special price mesh CAP



flower t-shirt

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mesh t-shirt

Popularity soaring!
Mesh T-shirt set

UESAKA logo black T-shirt of popularity is renewed becoming mesh cloth which is breathable and sweat is easy to dry!  Samurai barbell pattern gray T-shirt popular overseas also appears ♪  It is 5500 yen for 2 pieces, but it is on sale at set special price 5000 yen!

Popular suddenly with new products!
Tabi type training shoes "hitoe"

"hitoe" is a training shoes focusing on the function to increase the force of the toe and sole. Bring free movement to the toes in a divided toe, and you can grip the ground firmly.
It is the best training shoes for everyone who aims at health, balancing power at exercise, performance improvement of athlete, training of plantar fascia not usually used.


Soul Fighter 剛威

Soul Fighter GOUI series

GOUI shoes, the barefoot sensation sports shoes which made use of the excellent functions of the socks, strong grip force like grasping the ground, the direct feeling balance feeling is applied to sports as you wish!
By using the canvas fabric, the heat that is being used is discharged to the outside without being caught. You can always wear it neatly. Easy to clean, easy to wash in the washing machine is OK!

UESAKA barbell


IWF official recognition UESAKA is evaluated for excellent quality with high quality material and precision processing, and we will prepare products according to the level from competition to fitness.
training room


From 1929 onwards in Japan, from 1997 to the American professional teams and university high schools, we propose to utilize the experience of choosing space design and equipment according to purpose.
about UESAKA

about UESAKA

UESAKA founded in 1929 as an ironworks factory. Weightlifting products were adopted for the Olympics six times in total. It is evaluated with high quality material and precision processing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding inquiries about products, reservations, quotes, questions regarding purchase.

In the United States "Uesakabarbell" "UESAKA USA",
the other countries,"Pappas Anastasios" of Tokyo's international sales manager corresponds.

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