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Excellent quality and reliability to respond to the athletes' full power challenges.


Established as an ironworks plant in 1929. UESAKA's weightlifting products since the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 which we experienced at the time of the second generation company president has been adopted for the Olympics in total six times.

One of the world's official recognition, competitive equipment is evaluated as having superior quality in the world by high quality material and precise processing, goods corresponding to the level from precision-oriented competition to fitness use We are preparing.

Precise machining

Certain artisan skill

Aiming for error zero


By the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), we manufacture the barbell for competition, which has been strictly decided for fine quality standards such as weight and length, as the only IWF certified manufacturer in the country, and has been adopted by the 6th Olympics so far . Since first-class players also feel a slight difference in the thickness of the shaft, the barbell that got sticking to is keeping the distortion to 0.1 mm or less, adjusts the weight by the amount to be scraped, aiming at zero error as far as possible.
Precise machining

In the United States "Uesakabarbell" "UESAKA USA", the other countries,
"Pappas Anastasios" of Tokyo's international sales manager corresponds.
uesaka USA

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Assemble the platform

Assemble the platform

weightlifting belt craftsman

Weightlifting belt craftsman

Impact test

Impact test of platform 1

Impact test

Impact test of platform 2

for the highest quality

For the highest quality

Tidying up the warehouse

Tidying up the warehouse

high‐altitude training facility

High‐altitude training facility

National Sports Festival 2018 in Obama City

National Sports Festival 2018
in Obama City

force plate video

Force plate at SPORTEC2018

USA National training center

USA National training center

Thailand weightlifting national team Training center

Thailand weightlifting national team Training center

IWF Junior World Championships 2018

IWF Junior World Championships 2018

SPORTEC2018 in Tokyo

SPORTEC2018 in Tokyo


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Assosiation accredited factory

IWF  International Weightlifting Federation official authorized factory
JWA  Japan Weightlifting Association official authorized factory
JBA Japan Basketball Association Facility Test Factory
NBA Nippon Badminton Assosiation Test Factory
JABF Japan Amateur Boxing Federation Test Factory
JAAF Japan Association of Athletics Federations produced and sold certified products
JSFA Member of the Japan Sports Facilities Assosiation

 Company name  UESAKA T.E
 Business description  Sports equipment facility manufacturing, sales business
 head office

  4-28-8, honjo, Sumida, Tokyo  130-0004

 E-mail: uesaka@uesaka.co.jp

 Establishment  March, 1996 (Uesaka Iron Works founded: March 1929)
 Executive Officer  Representative Director : Tadamasa Uesaka

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